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Milestone XProtect Retail Integration (Point-Of-Sale)

Synchronize and Search Video with POS Transaction History

The introduction of network video in retail environments has made the integration of video with point-of-sale (PoS) systems easier.

The integration enables all cash register transactions to be linked to actual video of the transactions. It helps catch and prevent fraud and theft from employees and customers. PoS exceptions such as returns, manually entered values, line corrections, transaction cancellations, co-worker purchases, discounts, specially tagged items, exchanges and refunds can be visually verified with the captured video. A PoS system with integrated video surveillance makes it easier to find and verify suspicious activities.

Event-based recordings can be applied. For instance, a PoS transaction or exception, or the opening of a cash register drawer, can be used to trigger a camera to record and tag the recording. The scene prior to and following an event can be captured using pre- and post-event recording buffers. Event-based recordings increase the quality of the recorded material, as well as reduce storage requirements and the amount of time needed to search for incidents.

Video Clip


PoS system integrated with video surveillance

An example of a PoS system integrated with video surveillance. This screenshot displays the receipts together with video clips of the event. Picture courtesy of Milestone Systems. 

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