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Video Synopsis: Briefcam Video Synopsis Embedded Viewer for Milestone XProtect

There is an acute need for technologies that can assist operators in browsing massive quantities of video footage, and leverage their experience, intelligence and instincts to review, identify, investigate and take action if necessary.

BriefCam’s mission is to allow effective access to recorded surveillance video and enable the end user to find and display any event in only a few minutes.

BriefCam achieves its goal through Video Synopsis, a proprietary image-processing technology that creates a summary of the original full length video. The synopsis is made possible by simultaneously presenting multiple objects and activities that have occurred at different times.

BriefCam’s vision is Total Video Review: going over all footage at the beginning and/or end of each shift. We aim to make Total Video Review into a standard procedure that is an integral part of the daily security routine.

BriefCam - Watch 4 hours of Video Surveillance footage in 35 seconds


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