How do I update my contact info?
To updated contact information, you must be an individual authorized to make changes to your account.  If so, contact your local office or our Central Station to obtain a Information Sheet.  Our Central Station telephone number is (413) 547-6512.

Can I pay my bill online? This feature is under construction.
Do you accept credit card payments? Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Call your local office to make your payment by credit card.
Who monitors my alarm? Citizen Security Central Station
Do you provide free estimates? Yes. Since every customer’s needs are different, our account representatives take the time to visit with you at the site to provide you with a specific security plan and free estimate.
How do I know what type of equipment I will need? Our experienced sales staff can meet with you to determine the appropriate equipment to meet your needs, depending on your wishes as well as city and states codes dictating required alarm equipment for your facility.
How long does it take to install? Some security systems can take only a few hours to install, while other more complex systems may take several weeks. For new construction or remodels, we often pre-wire the alarm system and then return when construction is completed to install the rest of the system. Wireless systems are also common and generally take less time to install than wired systems.

Do I need to have phone lines to have an alarm system?
Many residences and some businesses have chosen to forego phone lines. While many alarm panels still communicate through a phone line connection, Citizen Security also offers security and fire alarm solutions that communicate by radio and cellular signals using our own FCC frequency. (The alarm does not need a cell phone to communicate by cellular signaling.)